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Home Staging Tips: Depersonalize

Depersonalize It

One of the keys to effective home staging is depersonalization.

Depersonalizing a home is an important step to take in home staging because it allows buyers to see themselves in the home. When you depersonalize, you turn the home into a blank slate where buyers can imagine spending their lives.

Family photos, mementos, and other highly personal items can be a distraction and actually block a buyer’s mind from engaging with the home the way you want them to.

It’s easier to form a connection with a house and start thinking of it as a home when we have properly depersonalized it. Think of it as a way to create universal appeal.

This can be tough for sellers because, let’s face it, it’s a little sad to pack up family photos. Sellers may resist the idea because they’re attached to the home and the life they’ve been living there with their family.

The best thing to do is simply explain to sellers that staging is the first step in the moving process.

Packing up items during the depersonalization stage is something that will need to be done anyway.

We’ll get further into how to depersonalize, but the main items we’ll remove include photos, highly taste-specific artwork, religious items, and mementos.



This is going to seem like a random exercise but trust me, it will help hone your staging instincts for working with occupied homes. Walk around your home and try to view it with fresh eyes. Start at the entryway and tour the home as if you were a buyer.

See where your eyes rest as you view the home — objects on the coffee table, pictures on the wall, furniture placement, décor, and everyday life stuff like mail or books that may be in view.

Think about each item and whether it’s something that should stay or go if you’re staging.

I know we haven’t discussed the specific staging steps yet, but I want you to just go with your gut feeling. Just think about the psychology of staging.

This is just to practice starting to look at a home as a home stager. It’s kind of challenging to do this with your own home. Try to spend at least 15 minutes.

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