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Make Money Doing What You Love 
$50 to $150 + Per Hour

Home staging is an evergreen business that works in any economic climate. Get started today!

Welcome to SHS, Your Resource for Home Staging Certification Online

If you want to become a home stager, there’s no better time to establish yourself as the go-to professional in your area. Yes, you can earn a great income doing what you love. SHS will help get you there.

If you’re a Realtor, you can stage your own listings and make more per sale. Clients will love the extra skill set that you bring to the table. (Check out our Realtor’s program.)

Our certification is designed to help you start out in the field with confidence because our program takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know about staging.

Take a look at some staging photos recently submitted by our amazing students.

If you want genuine instructor interaction, engaging skill-building practice exercises, and a thorough understanding of home staging (it's not just decorating!) then SHS certification is for you.

School of Home Staging Certification Course Benefits:

  • Set yourself apart from the competition with our CHS certification
  • Get hands-on practice and instructor feedback in a convenient at-home program
  • Optional assignments and exercises build up your skill set
  • Hit the ground running with our straightforward staging instructions and checklist
  • Start making $50-150+ per hour without having to invest in expensive inventory and storage fees
  • Train with an expert instructor who has been teaching new home stagers since 2005
  • 60 extra days of one-on-one guidance to help you through the start-up process (Elite program)

When you earn our certification it means you’ve reached expert level. It’s a way for you to set yourself apart from competitors and let clients know that as an SHS-certified stager, you’ll deliver quality results that can make them extra money on their home sale.

Imagine how happy your clients will be when they have more money in the bank because of your staging skills.

Other staging classes and training programs can be exorbitantly priced, impersonal, and inconvenient.

SHS has perfected a system of delivering the course material to you in a convenient online format, while giving you opportunities to get hands-on practice and instructor feedback.

When you sign up with School of Home Staging, you’ll have the guidance of an experienced instructor whose students have achieved success in real estate staging for the last 15 years, including a student who had her work shown on HGTV shortly after completing her training.

Our courses give you the skills and knowledge you need to be able to earn a good income doing something that you’re passionate about.

Imagine using the creativity and the good eye for decorating and design that you’ve always had, and turning that skill set into a lucrative business.

Certification Course Details & Enrollment

Looking for our Home Staging Certification for Realtors? Click here.


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