Is Home Staging Certification for Realtors Really Necessary?

As an agent, you can offer more value to your clients while making your listings more profitable when you have home staging as one of your tools. We all know real estate is a competitive field, so every little bit you can do to set yourself apart from the competition can help you win business. Here is some info home staging certification for Realtors.

Home Staging Certification for Realtors

First, I always want to make it clear that you do not need any kind of home staging certification in order to use home staging in your listings. It’s just a matter of having more of a credentialed, official feel to your list of skills and abilities. It may or may not matter to you personally, but to potential clients it may make a difference.

Don’t get me wrong, you can certainly position yourself in your local market as a home staging Realtor without certification. But you do need to build up those skills one way or another, and one of those ways is through a certification program. You could also learn a lot of home staging skills right here on our site, starting with “How to Stage a Home” and going from there.

Another option is to read some of the best books in the business like this one and this one. There is also a book geared specifically toward agents, written by one of the true pioneers in the world of home staging and redesign.

The easiest way to get a good education in home staging, with certification, is through an online course. That’s what I would do, personally, since I find that in-person classroom settings often don’t move at a brisk enough pace for me, and there’s a tendency to get bogged down with students’ questions that turn into rambling anecdotes about choosing a front door color. It’s interesting to a point, but losing class time to personal tangents can get old quickly.

Also, I’d rather not have to travel and sit in some stuffy hotel conference room for a weekend. When you’re in the real estate business that’s really the last thing you’d want to do, right?

In looking into online programs, you’ll find a range of course prices and quality. My recommendation for learning home staging (and home staging business start-up) is the Staging Diva program. Certification isn’t an option though, because Debra Gould has taken a firm stance that certification is not necessary. I definitely respect that.

A lucrative niche in the online business world has sprung up around selling home staging certification for Realtors and staging professionals, with savvy marketers running schools that make it seem like you can’t succeed without their very expensive seal of approval. Take these things with a grain of salt when you come across them, and see them for what they are — marketing messages.

I hope this article has given you a good overview of home staging certification for Realtors. The main takeaway is that while a certification can help you attract clients, you can also offer home staging as part of your service whether you’re certified or not.

Having some home staging skills under your belt can boost your sales prices and reduce your marketing time, while helping you stand out from your competitors.

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