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Home Staging Course + Business Start-Up eBook

Home Staging Course eBook This is the same course material as you will find in our certification courses. For one affordable price, you can learn how to stage any home and start up your own business so you can earn $50, $75, ...
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home staging certification online staged living room

Online Home Staging Certification Course

Welcome to SHS Online Home Staging Certification For creative, visual, design-oriented people, home staging is unmatched in terms of being able to enter the business easily and start earning a great income. Our online home staging certification course can get you started ...
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Best Home Staging Certification

Best Home Staging Certification Program

You have a lot of choices out there when it comes to home staging training and certification courses, so let's look at what sets us apart from the others, making SHS the best home staging certification available online. School of Home Staging ...
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pretty dining room you can create when you become a home stager

How to Become a Home Stager with SHS

School of Home Staging was founded by a home staging instructor/business owner with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, having taught thousand of new home stagers. Find out how to become a home stager with our training, other courses, ...
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Free Home Staging Course - School of Home Staging

Intro to Home Staging | Free Home Staging Course (Unit 1)

Free Home Staging Course Unit 1 Intro to Home Staging When I wrote my first home staging training course material back in 2005, staging was a lot less mainstream than it is now. Since this free home staging course is written for ...
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home staging problems

Common Home Staging Problems | Free Home Staging Course (Unit 2)

Home Staging Course Unit 2 Common Home Staging Problems For the next part of this home staging course we're going to go over some of the most common issues you will come across when staging occupied homes. This is where we get ...
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Tips For Home Staging - SHS

Home Staging Tips | Free Home Staging Course (Unit 3)

Home Staging Course Unit 3 Home Staging Tips for Color and Interior Design Principles This section will be all about home staging tips related to color and design. This unit will help you with some of the aesthetic decisions you'll make when ...
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Home Staging Checklist - School of Home Staging

Home Staging Checklist | Free Home Staging Course (Unit 4)

Home Staging Checklist - SHS Free Staging Course Unit 4 Our home staging checklist will walk you through staging any home. If you've missed the beginning of the course or just want to review, go back and check out Unit 1 of ...
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