Home Staging Tips for Location

Home staging tips to maximize location

Home stagers can’t do much about location except try to minimize the negative and accentuate the positive.

Be sure to accentuate a great view by keeping windows open and bringing the outside in. If necessary, trim branches away from windows to open up the view while also adding more light.

If you have the opposite problem and there’s a bad view you want to minimize, wood blinds or a bamboo roll-up shade can filter or block the view while allowing some daylight into the space. Depending on the situation, a less than desirable view can also be screened a bit with some healthy indoor plants placed strategically.

Accentuate a nice back yard by making sure there’s a seating area to enjoy the setting. Even if buyers don’t stop and sit, a bench can trigger thoughts of sitting in such a beautiful spot with a cup of coffee. We want buyer’s minds to create these images so they feel connected.

If there’s an undesirable view from the porch or deck, think about ways to downplay the view with trellised planter boxes to grow vines, bamboo screening, or even a weatherproof room divider.

When you have a home that’s in a very quiet area, or if there’s nearby water that you can hear, open a window to show off how pleasant and peaceful it is. If there’s a noise issue such as being located near a freeway, use wind chimes or a fountain feature to take some of the focus off of it.

When the property has features like rose gardens, fruit trees, or a hobby vineyard, bring some of the outside in. Depending on the season, you can place apples, lavender, or roses from the yard around the house in different spots. These are not only decorative — they also get buyers to think about how nice it will be to spend a leisurely morning cutting roses.

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