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The Best Home Staging Accessories

I talk a lot about the importance of adding pops of color to your staged homes. We’re going to go over some of my favorite home staging accessories that can add some visual interest to the rooms you’re staging.

If you don’t have color then you probably have a bland, lifeless space.

Some people in real estate, including flippers and some agents, think the palette has to be kept as neutral as possible so that the home is a boring, plain-looking study in shades of gray.

Or beige.

At least beige has some warmth to it, but still. Please, don’t follow this philosophy. I always say humans love color and it’s really true. We like nature and things that remind us of nature!

I’m not saying to go overboard with it but definitely use pops of color in your staging.

And add natural materials when you can.


Plants let you add color in a way that people respond to viscerally, bringing the outdoors in. Plants also add visual interest through their leaf shapes and textures, and they can be used to help differentiate different areas in a space.

IKEA always has a wonderful selection of artificial and live plants and the prices are great.

I like to grab small ones also, such as a dainty succulent in a pretty pot. These are great for adding interest to little spaces like a bathroom shelf or a side table.

Large plants should be used sparingly so you don’t accidentally give the home a jungle vibe. Don’t be “the plant house” but do use plants in your staging.

In addition to green plants you can also add flowers in a room or two.


Flowers are one of my favorite ways to add color to any space. Not just color, but joy.

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They instantly make any room feel happier. You can use either fresh or quality artificial flowers.

These are some inexpensive artificial bunches that I like to have on hand (click image for purchase info):


Throw pillows not only add some life to your decor, but they can also provide an instant update to any room. This is great for staging with existing furniture that may not be the most current-looking pieces.

You can change the look of neutral-colored furniture and add in just about any colors you want using pillows.

Here are some trendy ones that work well.


New doormats at the front and back doors definitely make a difference. A nice fresh doormat with some color is an easy little update to make.

Avoid cutesy ones. Stick to classic.

I really like this one from Rejuvenation; it will look great with a variety of home styles and a little pop of red is appealing at the entryway.










New throw rugs are always a great way to refresh a space, but the fact of the matter is most nice medium and large-size rugs are a bit of an investment.

You can, however, liven up a kitchen or bathroom with a new rug without spending much. Small rugs are an excellent way to add color, including colors that are a little more bold, while with a larger rug you have to be more careful with your color selection.

If you’re working with dark or dated spaces a fun, bright little rug can attract attention and help update the look. (In conjunction with other accessories, decor, and color choices.)

Here are a few that I like for staging. These are good for small live spaces, hallways, baths, or kitchens.

I personally stick with rugs that have minimalist or geometric design elements because they’re more versatile. And again, avoid cutesy.

Rugs don’t have to be all about adding color. As mentioned earlier, humans also love natural materials and rugs are a great way to incorporate this element.

Natural materials add a warmth and texture that will enhance the feel of a room.

In conclusion, please resist taking the easy way out by staging with a blah, neutral palette. It takes more thought and skill to use color effectively. And of course for staging, we definitely want to make sure we’re not going overboard.

It’s true that people (buyers) can be put off by rooms full of color gone wild.

But when you add in some bright splashes of yellow, blue, red, green to your base layer of whites, grays, and neutrals, you will end up with a much livelier, more appealing space that will attract more buyers.

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