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Earn Money Staging Homes

Want your own staging business?  You can earn $50-$100+ per hour in a field that you’re passionate about! Certification available.

Welcome to SHS, your resource for home staging training with certification. If you want to learn home staging, there is no better time to establish yourself as the go-to professional stager in your area.

If you’re a Realtor, you can stage your own listings and make more per sale. Clients will love the extra skill set that you bring to the table.

Home Staging Certification Courses

Our CHS certification is designed to help you start out in the field with confidence, because our program takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know about staging. Our certification process means you’ve reached the point where your work is professional-quality and your understanding of home staging is expert level.

If you want genuine instructor interaction, engaging skill-building practice exercises, and a thorough understanding of home staging (it’s not just decorating!) then SHS certification is for you. You’ll be working with an experienced instructor whose students have achieved success in home staging for the last 15 years, including a student who had her work shown on HGTV shortly after completing her training.

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Home Staging Course + Business Start-Up eBook

Home Staging Course eBook This is the same course material as you will find in our certification courses. For one affordable price, you can learn how to stage any home and start up your own business so you can earn $50, $75, ...
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Home Staging Certification Online

Welcome to SHS For creative, visual, design-oriented people, home staging is unmatched in terms of being able to enter the business easily and start earning a great income. Once you've finished the training you can start enjoying the many rewards that come ...
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Best Home Staging Certification Program

You have a lot of choices out there when it comes to home staging training and certification courses, so let’s look at what sets us apart from the others — making SHS the best home staging certification available online. SHS Program Benefits Affordability While ...
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How to Become a Home Stager with SHS

School of Home Staging was founded by a home staging instructor/business owner with approximately 15 years of experience in the industry, having taught thousand of new home stagers. You, too, can become a home stager with our courses and optional certification. How ...
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Home Staging Courses Online: Free Options

As I've stated elsewhere on the site, the world of home staging training has grown substantially since I got started almost 15 years ago. It may seem a lot more confusing now when looking at all the programs, since there are so ...
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Home Staging Certification Online Program

Home staging certification can be a helpful tool for you when you're getting started as a home stager. Home Staging Certification Facts Before we get into the details of our program, let's address some of the myths surrounding certification so you're well ...
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Home Staging Certification: Fact or Fiction

As long as I've been involved in home staging education there has been a lot of misinformation out there about home staging certification. So let's discuss a few of these issues right here once and for all. If you don't know me, ...
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Top 3 Online Home Staging Courses

The 3 Best Home Staging Courses Available Online If you're looking for best home staging courses online, you have so many choices nowadays as opposed to when I started back in 2005. Back then, home staging training was a lot harder to ...
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