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Feng Shui Online Course, Perfect Add-On Business Idea

I’ve been thinking about add-ons to home staging businesses so you can diversify your client base, add some extra know-how to your skill set, and help strengthen your income stream. The one I’m going to write about today is feng shui consultation. There are feng shui certification classes that you can take online.

Becoming a feng shui consultant also works as a standalone business so if you’re not a home stager it works on its own. The hourly rate is good enough to make a lucrative part-time or full-time business out of, depending on your area.

Feng Shui Consultation & Fees

As a feng shui consultant you will go to clients’ homes, assess each room and the house overall, and give clients your report on what changes they need to make in order to align with feng shui principles. In this regard it is much like home staging in terms of what you’ll be doing.

In my area the rate is in the neighborhood of $100 per hour for a feng shui consultation on your home. The feng shui process is more personal than home staging in that you will probably be getting into discussing the client’s goals and life issues. So in that regard you’ll have to be able to shift gears since home staging has to do with making things less personal in the home. But there are definitely enough similarities that you could easily add feng shui to your existing home staging business services.

As a home stager you could incorporate some subtle feng shui principles into your work. This can certainly add a whole new level to the buyer appeal you’re creating. Rooms with feng shui at work always have a very pleasing quality. They just feel good.

Is a Feng Shui Course Right for You?

Some programs are lengthy and very expensive, requiring travel and a significant time commitment. This is a good way to go once you’ve determined that you’re very serious about learning feng shui and practicing as a paid consultant. But in my opinion, you may want to dip your toe in, so to speak, with a course that’s more convenient and less of a financial commitment.

There is an online course offered by QC Design School that fits the bill. It offers a well-rounded feng shui education with topics including:

Learn how to use feng shui room design in bedrooms and bathrooms and generate energy flow. You?ll also learn how to improve staircases, doors, hallways and windows to increase balance within the home. Discover how storage spaces can influence a home?s ch?i flow. You?ll use knowledge from your online feng shui course to apply specific values and improve living spaces.

Learn highly valuable home interior decorating skills such as floor planning, color selection, lighting and accessorizing. Use these skills to create a balanced feng shui room design that meets the style and decor preferences of your clients.

Take a look at the free course catalog and see if it seems like something that you’d be into doing.

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