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Home Staging Resources

It often helps to learn a new field from various sources. We’ve put a list together for you of our favorite home staging resources so you can expand your knowledge and see different approaches to home staging by industry veterans.

The Best Home Staging Resources for Learning How to Stage

Yes, sometimes it’s nice to learn from books rather than online sources.

There are some great books for you to learn home staging from some industry experts that have been in the field since home staging was just starting to catch on.

Excellent Books for Learning Home Staging

First up is Peggy’s Corner: The Art of Staging. It’s one of my absolute favorites, Peggy is just an absolute gem in this DVD where she shows you how she works her magic. It’s a classic.

You need to learn the psychology behind what you’re doing so you can really understand home staging, not just go through rooms following checklists.

Your staging work will be so much more effective this way and you will avoid the mistakes that professional stagers make sometimes — the reason they make those mistakes is because they don’t understand the deeper level, psychological aspects of staging.

Not a book about staging per se, but definitely a book that will show you how to make things look good.

If you don’t already have that knack for making everything look like a slick home decorating magazine then I recommend this book for helping you develop your eye for arranging.

Even if you’re already good at decorating, this book is very enjoyable to look through. It is completely packed with gorgeous photos.

Recommended Home Staging Courses

If you want to look at some courses that I recommend, there are a couple of options I would like to mention.

Staging Diva

First is the Staging Diva program.

I talk about the Staging Diva training elsewhere on the site because it’s a great program.

12 Tips for a Successful Home Staging Business

It’s really one of the best ways that I know of to learn home staging in an online course. The program does not offer certification, but the training is thorough and definitely high-quality.

The Staging Diva program was started back in 2006 and I have heard a lot of great things over the years.

Check out the Staging Diva courses right here.

QC Design School

You might also take a look at the QC Design School program. They offer a double certification in home staging and redesign, which I like because it offers you multiple ways to market and offer services to clients.

If you’re specifically looking for a program with online certification then this is a good option.

School of Home Staging

We also offer home staging certification online here at SHS.

If you want to become a home stager, you have various routes that you can take to achieve your goal.

From utilizing our affordable home staging courses, to opting for some of the resources listed above, go for what feels right for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all school or program that you must sign up for in order to be successful.

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