Here are some quick comments we’ve received back recently:

“I’m so glad I found School of Home Staging after debating spending my whole paycheck on a course. This was an awesome course and I appreciate the extra questions you answered for me.” — Jennifer P., Sarasota FL

“One of my favorite things about this was all the practice I got following the course, so the exam was no prob :).” — Jamie S., Hillsboro, OR

“Thanks for putting so much time into putting this information out there for all of us new home stagers. And the coaching really helped me get everything in motion and then I was able to take the training wheels off LOL” — Anna B., McKinney, TX

“Thanks to this course I feel like I am doing what I was meant to do. I thank you for that.” — Nicole B., Miami Beach, Fl

“I’m happy with how much I got out of this training and the cost of the certification was so worth it.” — Vanessa S., Santa Rosa, CA

“Things are going great so far, first client is booked and it is really happening. Boom!” — Chris M., Austin, TX

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