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Virtual Home Staging in the Time of Coronavirus (and Beyond)

With all of the changes that we’re currently adapting to, one thing that may be on hold right now is hiring a home stager to come in and do hands-on work in your home. Many of us are adopting a lifestyle that’s as contact-free as possible, and even when stay-at-home orders are lifted we may be much more selective about when and how we interact. In other words, the coronavirus era may permanently alter our ways of doing things, and virtual home staging is here to stay.

Home staging can be done in such a way that you have minimal contact with your stager, since meetings can be done through Zoom, contracts can be viewed and signed online, and when it’s time to do the work you can arrange for it to be done without contact.

However, if you’re looking for a completely remote way to get expert staging advice, you can use an online home staging consultation or you can opt for virtual staging.

Virtual Home Staging

Virtual home staging didn’t even exist when I got started in this business. Over time, it has become a very sophisticated service that involves beautiful results that can be difficult to discern from actually staged rooms. In other words, it’s come a long way from the early stages of Photoshopped-looking “green” lawns etc.

Now, virtual staging companies like this one offer a highly personalized service that’s affordable and honestly produces some truly stunning results. The down side is that once the buyer decides to view the home in person, you’ll obviously lose the effects of the staging. But now more than ever, buyers are doing as much research as possible online before they ever decide that a home is worth seeing in real life. With this service, you can get four rooms staged for $300, which is a fraction of the cost of actual staging.

Online Home Staging Consultation

Another option that you might consider is an online consultation. In this model, you’ll get all of the advice and expert instructions directly from a professional stager, and then you will carry out the changes DIY-style on your own schedule. With this method, you can opt to make only the biggest bang-for-your-buck changes or you can go through and follow every bit of advice.

In my experience in working with home sellers working this way, it typically takes a weekend or two of knocking out some easy staging projects. The results are usually very impressive. The fees are a fraction of what you’d pay for a stager to come out and do an in-person consult and get the staging work done.

Final Thoughts

To wrap-up, either one of these options can help you get the most out of your home if you’re getting ready to sell. Of the two options, virtual home staging is definitely the most convenient because the work is all done for you – virtually. The downside is that once buyers come to view the home in person, the reality will not match the pictures they’ve already seen. However, they have already seen the potential, and that good impression obviously motivated them to come and view the home in person.

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