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Top 5 Must-Know Home Staging Tips

Home staging can reduce the time your house sits on the market by up to 50 percent. It can also increase the amount your house sells for.

But with so many staging tips out there, where do you start?

Staging doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful. Understand the mind of a home buyer and you’ll see how to improve your house for sale. Follow the most successful tips and you’ll see an impact on the interest from shoppers.

Ready to prepare your house for sale? Keep reading for five home staging tips you need to know.

1. Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before

When people walk through your open house, they’re looking at the details. Dirt and grime stand out immediately to people looking for their future home.

Avoid putting off these buyers by doing a deep clean.

Make a checklist of every spot in your house to clean, including the spots you tend to avoid. This means dusting blinds and window sills and wiping down baseboards. Bathroom grime is especially off-putting so make sure it sparkles.

2. Updating vs. Replacing

Even if your home is older and a little outdated, you don’t have to replace every feature. Repairs and replacements can get expensive. Instead, learn how to update your current furnishings.

For example, update old wood cabinetry with a fresh stain. Replace individual damaged wood floor panels instead of the whole room. Apply a stainless-steel covering to old white appliances.

You can save money and time by updating features yourself. Home buyers will notice features that look current and maintained.

3. Pretend You Don’t Live Here

Part of making a house feel like a home is adding personal touches. We use picture frames, DIY art, and sentimental items to feel at home.

When you’re trying to sell your house, make it look like you don’t live there.

Remove all personal touches and sentimental items. Buyers should be able to walk through your house and see themselves living there. That’s hard to do when your wedding photos adorn the walls.

4. Focus on Curb Appeal

Staging doesn’t only apply to the interior of your home. Curb appeal is especially important to buyers.

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You can improve your exterior staging by landscaping the property. Make sure the gardens are clean and organized; remove dead plants. Apply a fresh coat of exterior paint to the outside of your house.

Focus on the appearance of your front porch and door. The more welcoming it looks, the more buyers will like it.

5. Show Off Your Storage

Every home buyer is looking for ample storage. We all have stuff to shove in a closet and pull out once a year.

When staging your home, make those storage spaces stand out.

Clean out all your junk and move to a storage space away from the house. Clear out the storage closets and ensure the shelves and hooks are secure. Consider giving your storage closets a fresh coat of paint.

Want More Home Staging Tips?

Making your home look fresh and appealing to buyers will help get it sold. You can do this by using simple home staging tips.

Now that you know how to DIY stage your home in a few steps, consider increasing your knowledge. Adding a few more steps to your staging can skyrocket your results. Learn more about staging in our home staging courses.

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