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Home Staging Courses Online: Free Options

As I’ve stated elsewhere on the site, the world of home staging training has grown substantially since I got started almost 15 years ago. It may seem a lot more confusing now when looking at all the programs, since there are so many options and so many price points. Speaking […]

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Top 3 Online Home Staging Courses

The 3 Best Home Staging Courses Available Online If you’re looking for best home staging courses online, you have so many choices nowadays as opposed to when I started back in 2005. Back then, home staging training was a lot harder to find and it would usually entail travelling to […]

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Home Staging Course Reviews

The truth about choosing home staging courses, including reviews, certification and accreditation information, and the best way to become a home stager… I’m using my 15 years of home staging / home staging instruction experience to give you the best real estate staging certification classes, and training options available. We’re […]

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Certified Home Staging Courses

If you want to start your staging career as a certified home stager, there are several different home staging programs you can choose from. Certified home staging courses are available online or as real life sessions that are usually offered on weekends/three-day weekends. Of course there are pros and cons […]