Home Staging Certification Course Reviews

Home staging is an excellent, well-paying business to be in if you love home decor and real estate. No matter what the housing market is doing, there will always be job security for home stagers since home sellers now know that staging is the best way to make the most money from their sale. If you want to become a home stager, you’re probably looking around at different training programs and home staging course reviews that will help you choose a school.

What is Home Staging Certification

Before we go too far let’s quickly discuss certification and what it even means. Since there are no industry-wide rules and regs in the staging business in terms of who can call themselves a certified home stager, certification can mean a lot of things.

It can mean that you took a 3-day seminar. It can mean that you took an online course. It doesn’t mean necessarily that you passed any particular educational criteria or skills assessment that is determined by an organization or entity that oversees the home staging business.

Do You Need to Have a Home Staging Certification?

No, I always tell students you most definitely do not need it. We offer certification here at SHS because students often find it helpful to have that feeling of being “official” ? but it’s not a requirement. Any school that would tell you otherwise is simply misleading you. Keep that in mind as you shop for your program.

Home Staging Course Reviews

Nobody can determine which program is best for you. It comes down to financial considerations, logistics, available time frame, and whether you’re seeking an in-person program or an online program.

Here are the programs I would suggest to you.

School of Home Staging

Our home staging certification online program is an affordable option if you want your certification quickly and for an affordable price.

QC Design School

QC Design School has high-quality materials for you to learn from, a convenient online format, and certification. Payment plans make it easier to fit into your budget. I really like that this course gives you a lot of quizzes and assignments to complete as you progress through the material. And if you like having physical learning materials (actual books) then this is the best program. They also send you a cute starter kit.


Here we have one of the oldest schools in the business, very well-respected and of course huge name recognition in home staging circles. This is the program I’d go with if you really want an in person setting because it just suits your learning style and you don’t mind devoting a few days to it in one intensive seminar session rather than smaller doses of learning spread out over your ideal timeline. I like smaller doses myself but the intensive format works really well for many.

Staging Diva

Here’s the last one I will recommend to you and it does not offer certification. However, as we discussed above, certification isn’t a requirement by any means. The Staging Diva course offers something more important and that is the ability to really go out there and make good money in this business. If you’re someone who has had trouble with getting paid what you’re worth, this program will take care of that. It’ll teach you how to market yourself and avoid a lot of mistakes home stagers make on the business side of things.

While home staging certification reviews can be helpful in deciding on a program, the decision is ultimately a very personal one. I hope this article has helped you choose the right program for you.