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Home Staging in Florida: Boost Sale Price in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and More

If you're looking for home staging in Florida, please take your time and make sure you research the company well before you sign a contract and hand over a check. When staging homes for sale in Florida, you can boost your sale ...
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Home Staging Tips - Wall Art - School of Home Staging

What to Do If Your Home Doesn’t Appraise for the Sales Price

If you're like most home sellers, you'll probably do some negotiating to arrive at a final sales price for your property. Depending on the market in your neighborhood, you might need to come down a bit from your asking price to get ...
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real estate multiple offers

Home Sellers: What to Consider in a Multiple-Offer Scenario

It's practically the dream situation for home sellers: You put your house on the market, and you quickly receive multiple purchase offers. It's not uncommon in a seller's market, where there are more buyers than there are homes for sale, and it ...
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virtual home staging

Virtual Home Staging in the Time of Coronavirus

With all of the changes that we're currently adapting to, one thing that may be on hold right now is hiring a home stager to come in and do hands-on work in your home. Many of us are adopting a lifestyle that's ...
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Real Estate Staging Course Photos

Home Staging Photos: Student Work

We're so proud of our students and we would like to take a moment to show off some of the stunningly gorgeous home staging photos that have been submitted as part of our certification courses ...
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Home Staging Classes

There are a lot of training options out there and it can take some research to decide on home staging classes that suit your needs, fit your budget, and just feel like the right fit overall. We're going to give you a ...
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home staging online course

Home Staging Course + Business Start-Up eBook

Home Staging Course eBook This is the same course material as you will find in our certification courses. For one affordable price, you can learn how to stage any home and start up your own business so you can earn $50, $75, ...
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Online Home Staging Certification Course

Welcome to SHS Online Home Staging Certification For creative, visual, design-oriented people, home staging is unmatched in terms of being able to enter the business easily and start earning a great income. Do you want to start enjoying the many rewards that ...
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