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How to Become a Home Stager | Free Home Staging Course (Unit 8)

Home Staging Course Unit 8

How to Become a Home Stager

This is going to be a short section about how to become a home stager.

Keep taking steps ? that’s what this is all about.

If you’ve missed the beginning of the course or just want to review, go back and check out Unit 1 of our home staging course.

So far we’ve learned all about why we stage homes and how to do it. You understand home staging psychology, and we’ve gone over our checklist for staging any home.

You’ve done the work and practiced and started putting together some before and after photos of your home staging work.

And your business start-up steps are underway!

So let’s just talk about business cards for a minute. This is a good time to go ahead and order them.

How to Become a Home Stager

We made some steps in the last section with your business start-up.

To become a home stager, you have to stay on track and get these action steps done so you can get your phone to start ringing.

Get a Logo Designed for Your New Business

A professionally-designed logo is not a requirement. There are free logo tools that you can use and they’ll give you nice results, though it takes a little bit of time and figuring out the tool itself sometimes.

There are affordable ways to have a designed create one for you. You can fill out this form to have a designer start working with you ? just submit your design preferences and company info, no credit card required to get started.

Order Your Business Cards

how to become a home stagerThe next thing to get started on is business cards.

Once you get your order placed you?ll be looking at some turnaround time so you can get the ball rolling on the cards and then move on to the next step, or give yourself a break for a couple of days.

You’ve earned it!

If you have the budget to hire a graphic designer to create cards for you, that?s wonderful!

12 Tips for a Successful Home Staging Business

This section will probably not apply to you since we?re going to talk about getting business cards from an online service that allows you to design your own cards on their platform.


I have gotten good results from Zazzle and 1-800-Postcards?and OvernightPrints. I also like a lot of the designs on

With the exception of Zazzle, where they seem to have an endless list of attractive but non-categorized designs, you can sort by category so you can look at interior design or real estate designs, or pick something classic and non-industry specific.

Another option to consider is to get a logo made at this time.

You can get a logo and business cards at the same time from a company like this one for a reasonable price.

If you have some before and afters ready to go, you might think about getting a marketing postcard made at the same time.

Postcards have replaced pamphlets and brochures in a lot of ways, and you can use them for sending to agents as well as handing out with your business card when you meet people.

It can be like a mini version of your portfolio and services presented in a concise postcard format that can have a huge impact in just a few seconds.

You can hand someone a business card so they have your contact and website info to look at later. But a postcard tells your story and shows your work. It?s something you might want to consider.

OK time to move on 🙂 Business cards are the easy part.

The next step in how to become a home stager has to do with something a bit more involved: your home staging website.

But the nice thing is that getting a website is a LOT easier than it used to be and I have some great options for you no matter what your start-up budget looks like.

Move on to the next lesson.

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