Best Eames Chair Replica Options Perfect for Staging or Staying!

Eames chair replica ideas

If you’re looking for a way to give a home an inexpensive update, changing out some smaller furniture pieces like chairs is a good strategy to pursue. Whether you are staging your home to sell, or decorating because you’re staying for a while, choose the best Eames chair replica for an affordable way to capture the MCM (mid-century modern) vibe without having to spend a lot of money.

Mid-century modern is a style that lends itself to a wide range of ages of home. From the late 40’s to contemporary builds, you easily can fit this versatile style into your space.

MCM furniture can be great for smaller spaces because the simplicity and visual lightness of the designs helps the room maintain an airy feel. This is one reason why I love these pieces for staging, since buyers love open and airy rooms!

Even if you’re not sure if you know what an Eames chair is, I guarantee you that you have seen Eames chairs and Eames-inspired designs! Eames refers to the brothers Charles and Ray Eames, and while they are known for many different chair designs, the look we’re talking about here is a chair with a sleek, somewhat shapely plastic seat and legs made of wood, with the added geometric element of metal bracing for the legs.

Scroll down to take a look at some of the best affordable options so you can get the cool Eames look for a fraction of the price.

Best Eames Chair Replica Options

Here is a list of some of the best ones you can find on Amazon right now.

Flash Furniture 2 Pack Alonza Series Peach Plastic Chair with Wooden Legs

These are interesting because of the color, and overall they very much capture the classic look that we’re after.


Here’s another color option for this chair:

UrbanMod Mid Century Style Urban ‘Easy Assemble Furniture with ErgoFlex ABS Plastic and ‘One Wipe Wonder’ Cleaning Comfortable Dining Meets 5-Star Modern Chair, 4, White

Here is an armless version of the chair in classic white, and seriously I do not think you can beat this price for a set of 4 (!!) chairs.

These also have a weight rating of 330 pounds, which is pretty hard to find. As a home stager I need to make sure the furniture I use is safe for anyone who may want to sit down for whatever reason during their home viewing. I always try to shop for chairs rated for 300 pounds, so I can tell you it’s actually kind of difficult to find, especially in an inexpensive set that’s as attractive as these chairs are.


DHP C013701 Mid Century Modern Chair with Molded Arms and Wood Legs, Black “Eames Chair Replica”

I don’t know about you, but my biggest problem when shopping for replica Eames-style chairs would be choosing a color. I love this black design. This one has a weight recommendation of up to 200 pounds.

And last but not least, check out this super sweet red one:

What Makes The Eames Chair Design So Popular?

For one thing, the chair design is a brilliant study in contrasts. The shapely seat that conforms to the human body contrasted with the angles and hard lines of the legs. The sleek plastic material contrasted with the beauty of the natural materials in the legs, and the contrast of the wood with the metal.

It’s also about the simplicity and as I mentioned above, the visual lightness of the design. These work well in a wide range of room sizes and eras. They keep the room’s open feeling because the legs are rather dainty and delicate. However, the design is also extremely strong and sturdy. And whether you choose a design with or without arms, these are also quite comfortable to sit in.

Mid-century modern pieces fit in well in homes from the original era in which they were designed as well as subsequent eras right up to brand new construction. You can picture these in a suburban atomic ranch or a brand new downtown loft. (Note: They may not fit in so well in a super traditional home, or what I like to refer to as the Home Alone house. If you say Home Alone house to someone, they instantly know what type of home and decor you are talking about.)

Anyway I hope you’ve found some great new chairs 🙂

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Brass Fireplace Screen: An Easy Way to Update Your Space (Inexpensively)

brass fireplace screen in living room

As a home staging consultant and instructor, I am always thinking about the best ways to update a room while realizing the most bang for your buck. A brass fireplace screen is a surprisingly effective change that can transform the feel of a room.

It’s as easy as opening a box and setting the new screen down in front of the fireplace. This makes it one of the absolute easiest things you can do (check out our best home staging accessories list for more).

And think about the visual space that they take up — they’re as large as a piece of artwork and they make a natural focal point in a room. But for some reason it’s a part of the room that doesn’t get a lot of fanfare when we talk about decorating.

When you choose a brass fireplace screen, the finish will automatically draw the eye toward it, since humans love “shiny objects,” and this will serve to help highlight the fireplace area even more. This is great for staging, since we want buyers to focus on the home’s desirable features, but if you’re not staging it’s also a nice way to help direct attention toward a focal point.

You can use brass in any home style. Just choose the screen’s design wisely. Here are some of the ones I spotted. Some of these are versions of much more expensive ones that I’ve seen at higher-end stores, but these Amazon ones will work nicely.

Brass Fireplace Screen Options for Any Home Style

Now, since I said “any” home style I will probably have someone message me saying that isn’t really true, because what about this type of home or that type of home, and I get that, there are always special cases. So maybe we should say that these are brass fireplace screens for virtually any home style.

Also note that when I say brass, I mean a brass or gold finish. Beware of tacky overly yellow brass finishes though. I recently returned a lamp to Amazon that was supposed to be a brass finish and it was just sooo not a good kind of brass. I have been lamp hunting for weeks and thought I’d found the perfect one, but that’s for another post! Ok let’s get to it.

Pilgrim Home and Hearth Pilgrim Bedford Brass Fireplace Screen 18311, Brushed

Note that the brushed brass finish makes this one look a little less blingy. Also, it’s a fairly elaborate design, so you want to make sure it’s not visually competing with other items but instead is given its own visual space, otherwise you might end up with too much going on.

Deco 79 Metal Fireplace Screen, 50 by 35-Inch

I kind of love this one and I think it could work in a pretty broad range of home styles.

Deco 79 Tall Silver & Gold Decorative Screen w/ Herringbone Pattern, Modern Style, Gold

Herringbone or chevron-type patterns have been a little bit overexposed in the last few years but I do think this could be a good look in a lot of home styles. It’s a classic and this is one of the least expensive ones on the list.

MyGift 3-Panel Vintage Gold-Tone Scrollwork Freestanding Metal Fireplace Screen

What do you think, is it too “scrolly” for you? I think this one would look really pretty in a lot of more traditional-style homes. It’s another one of the less expensive options here.

Tangkula Fireplace Screen, Contemporary Chevron Freestanding w/Sturdy Wrought Iron Frame, Gold-Tone Fire Spark Guard Gate w/Metal Decorative Mesh for Outdoor or Indoor Use

Here we have another chevron type of pattern, and I wanted to include this one because it’s the flat style (unlike the one above with three sides) — this takes up less space and in some cases it can help the room feel slightly more open. In my own home, I changed to a flat style screen and I was shocked at home much of a difference it made. Something to be aware of. You can hardle ever go wrong with chevron pattern although I would caution you not to overuse it. It seems like some people get addicted to it!

Uttermost Rosen Antiqued Gold Leaf 34″ H Brass Fireplace Screen

This would fit right into the look of a traditional style home.

Christopher Knight Home Howell Single Panel Iron, Gold

I like this one for almost any home. I love how simple it is, but then the scrollwork feet give it a little something extra. It king of gives you something for everyone, it’s simple, clean, classic, traditional, and slightly ornate… what do you think? The price is super reasonable as well.

Brass/Gold Finish Fireplace Screens (Not So Much for Staging…)

I’m going to add a couple more that are much more taste-specific so not as suitable for staging, but perfectly wonderful for your own style of decor.

MyGift Peacock Feather Shaped Brass-Tone Metal Fireplace Screen

This one was too good not to include. There are some nice photos of this screen in customers’ actual homes if you check out the reviews. 

MyGift Decorative Gold Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen Gate with Door Cover and Silhouette Tree & Bird Design

I know people who would love love love this type of brass fireplace screen although it’s not something I would personally choose I can see the appeal.

Deco 79 Lovely Traditional Metal Brass Fireplace Screen, 33″ H x 39 L, Textured Black and Gold

This one is not strictly a brass fireplace screen, but it does have a brass/gold finish as a key component of the design. I wanted to post another take on a tree design.

MyGift Art Deco Starburst Style Freestanding Brass Fireplace Screen

This one probably has a wide enough range of people who’d like it, so it could be on the “good for staging list,” depending on the room. I was on the fence about it though. I do think it’s very interesting but definitely not the brass fireplace screen that I’d choose.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a brass fireplace screen (or a gold-colored one) to suit any type of decor that you may have in your home. It’s an easy update that can transform the look of your fireplace, help show off this nice feature in your home, and add a bit of extra visual interest. A fireplace screen is a utilitarian object that has a lot of decorative impact, and it can even have an effect on how spacious the room or fireplace seating area feels. I hope our list has given you some options that you like. No matter what your budget looks like, there’s a stylish and attractive new fireplace screen waiting for you!

Some recommended products may use affiliate links. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates.
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