Staging It Right: The Top Home Staging Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Staging It Right: The Top Home Staging Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Is it time to sell your home?

Want to make sure the process goes quickly and smoothly?

When you’re showing your home to buyers it’s crucial that you present your home in the best light. Staging your home well will make it more likely that viewers will like what they see and that you’ll sell your home quickly.

Unfortunately, a lot of home sellers make mistakes during the staging process that may scare buyers away.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ll you about that top home staging mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Showing Off Your Personality

When you’re trying to stage a home it’s important that you work to make it appear like a clean slate. Having too much personality on display in your home is a mistake.

If your living room, your bedroom, or other rooms of your home are filled with clutter it can make your home more difficult to sell. Similarly, if your personal tastes are a little bit eccentric and you’ve made changes that the typical home buyer won’t approve of, you may want to remove some of these before selling.

Make sure you clean your home thoroughly and try to get your house looking a bit more “standard”. By doing this, homeowners will be able to see themselves living in your space more easily and will be able to imagine injecting their own personalities into the home.

2. Doing Too Much

On the other hand, it’s also important that you don’t go overboard with the staging of your house. Don’t remove every single bit of personality from it and make it appear too bare. You should opt for using more neutral tones in the home, but it’s important to leave some color in the house as well.

Additionally, you should ensure that you still have furniture in your rooms as well. You should be aiming to make your home look like a clean slate, but you should leave your furniture in place. Each room should have great looking and well-maintained furniture that aligns with what the designated purpose of the room will be.

3. Focusing on Major Renovations

Many home sellers make the mistake of focusing their efforts on renovations only. While you should consider doing some renovations when selling your home it is not the same as staging your home.

Renovations can cost a lot of money and you may not get the return on your investment when it comes time to sell. Staging your home, on the other hand, is about working with what you have and making your home look as presentable to home buyers as it is.

While renovations can help you sell your home, they may or may not be the best choice and they aren’t a replacement for staging your house well.

4. Forgetting to Think About Space and Scale

When staging the rooms of your home it’s also important to think about space. You shouldn’t let your home be overcluttered or messy. On the other hand, you don’t want your space to feel to bare or empty either.

Try to find the right balance between furniture and empty space in each room. The rooms of your home should have plenty of open space in addition to any furniture you have placed for the staging.

Finding the right spacing for the furniture in your home can take some effort, but buyers will feel the difference as soon as they enter your home.

5. Not?Improving the Smell

When selling a home, many sellers tend to focus on the appearance alone and often neglect other important aspects of a great staging. It’s also important to think about the smell of your home and to make sure it’s as pleasing as possible to anyone who tours the house. Improving the smell of your home will be especially if you have pets.

You may choose to use some home purifiers, odor removers, or other aromatic tools to improve the smell of your home. Opening the windows and letting plenty of fresh air come in can be a great help as well.

6. Keeping It Dark

The right lighting is also one aspect of staging that people often neglect. Make sure you look for ways to increase the natural lighting in your home.

Rooms that have plenty of natural light streaming in are ideal and will look great to potential buyers. Leaving the curtains open and the blinds up when staging will allow you to let plenty of natural light in.

If a room in your home doesn’t have any windows, then make sure you get great lamps and lights in the room instead. There are some great lamps out there that emulate natural lighting that can do a good job as an alternative to true natural lighting.

7. Overlooking the Exterior

While much of the emphasis of staging is put on the inside of the home the exterior is also important as well. Make sure you’re not overlooking the importance of curb appeal when selling your home.

Adding more plants and greenery and installing outdoor lighting can be a big help. Also, make sure your driveway, exterior walls, walkways, and porches are all kept as clean as possible.

The exterior of your home will be the first thing a potential buyer sees so it’s important that you make both the outside and inside of your home look great.

Using These Home Staging Tips to Sell Your House

While home staging may seem like a lot of work at first, the truth is that it’s very easy to manage. Make sure that you avoid the mistakes on the list above if you want to ensure your home looks great to potential buyers.

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Top 5 Must-Know Home Staging Tips

Top 5 Must-Know Home Staging Tips

Home staging can reduce the time your house sits on the market by up to 50 percent. It can also increase the amount your house sells for.

But with so many staging tips out there, where do you start?

Staging doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful. Understand the mind of a home buyer and you’ll see how to improve your house for sale. Follow the most successful tips and you’ll see an impact on the interest from shoppers.

Ready to prepare your house for sale? Keep reading for five home staging tips you need to know.

1. Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before

When people walk through your open house, they’re looking at the details. Dirt and grime stand out immediately to people looking for their future home.

Avoid putting off these buyers by doing a deep clean.

Make a checklist of every spot in your house to clean, including the spots you tend to avoid. This means dusting blinds and window sills and wiping down baseboards. Bathroom grime is especially off-putting so make sure it sparkles.

2. Updating vs. Replacing

Even if your home is older and a little outdated, you don’t have to replace every feature. Repairs and replacements can get expensive. Instead, learn how to update your current furnishings.

For example, update old wood cabinetry with a fresh stain. Replace individual damaged wood floor panels instead of the whole room. Apply a stainless-steel covering to old white appliances.

You can save money and time by updating features yourself. Home buyers will notice features that look current and maintained.

3. Pretend You Don’t Live Here

Part of making a house feel like a home is adding personal touches. We use picture frames, DIY art, and sentimental items to feel at home.

When you’re trying to sell your house, make it look like you don’t live there.

Remove all personal touches and sentimental items. Buyers should be able to walk through your house and see themselves living there. That’s hard to do when your wedding photos adorn the walls.

4. Focus on Curb Appeal

Staging doesn’t only apply to the interior of your home. Curb appeal is especially important to buyers.

You can improve your exterior staging by landscaping the property. Make sure the gardens are clean and organized; remove dead plants. Apply a fresh coat of exterior paint to the outside of your house.

Focus on the appearance of your front porch and door. The more welcoming it looks, the more buyers will like it.

5. Show Off Your Storage

Every home buyer is looking for ample storage. We all have stuff to shove in a closet and pull out once a year.

When staging your home, make those storage spaces stand out.

Clean out all your junk and move to a storage space away from the house. Clear out the storage closets and ensure the shelves and hooks are secure. Consider giving your storage closets a fresh coat of paint.

Want More Home Staging Tips?

Making your home look fresh and appealing to buyers will help get it sold. You can do this by using simple home staging tips.

Now that you know how to DIY stage your home in a few steps, consider increasing your knowledge. Adding a few more steps to your staging can skyrocket your results. Learn more about staging in our home staging courses.