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How to Learn Home Staging Online

Home staging is an exciting business to start if you love (or at least have a strong interest in) real estate, interior decorating, and sales psychology. You can easily learn home staging online if you want to become a professional home stager. If you’re a home seller and you want […]

How to Get Into Home Staging

I’ve enjoyed being involved with home staging since I got started back in about ’04-’05. There wasn’t a clear road map to becoming a home stager back then, and even now with so many established home staging courses and programs, you can still go about it any number of ways. […]

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Curb Appeal Definition

Curb appeal is one of the most often discussed factors relating to residential real estate. But what it the meaning of this term, and is it smart to list your house without understanding curb appeal? Here is my curb appeal definition. Curb Appeal Meaning & The Importance of Having It […]

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Home Staging Resources

It often helps to learn a new field from various sources. We’ve put a list together for you of our favorite home staging resources so you can expand your knowledge and see different approaches to home staging by industry veterans. Our course “Home Staging: How to Stage Any Home” is […]

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How to Start a Home Staging Business

Home staging is more popular than ever, thanks to shows on HGTV and other media attention in recent years. This attention has made the job of a home stager so much easier — no longer do we have to sell homeowners and agents on the value of our service. Read […]