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Virtual Home Staging

I’ve been hearing about virtual home staging almost as long as I’ve been in the business as a home staging course instructor. That covers a lot of years, and as you might expect, the concept of virtual home staging has become more accepted, and the results have gotten much better. […]

How to Start a Home Staging Business

Have you been thinking about starting a home staging business? Here’s a quick overview of how to start a home staging business. You often see home staging listed as one of the best businesses to start, and it’s been that way over a decade. There are good reasons why home […]

Feng Shui Online Course, Perfect Add-On Business Idea

I’ve been thinking about add-ons to home staging businesses so you can diversify your client base, add some extra know-how to your skill set, and help strengthen your income stream. The one I’m going to write about today is feng shui consultation. There are feng shui certification classes that you […]