Easy Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

Cub appeal is one of the most often discussed topics in real estate. Understandably so, since it can make or break your home’s success on the market. Here are some curb appeal ideas that are easy to implement.

Curb Appeal Ideas

  • Make sure the lawn looks good. You can often tell when someone is getting ready to sell their home when they suddenly start watering the lawn when it’s usually brown. (Here in the Western states, many people let lawns go brown or brown-ish over the summer when there’s no rain because we like conserving water.) I saw one just the other day, sure enough, the listing popped up about two weeks later. Start watering a couple of weeks ahead of your target list date. Fill in any bare spots with a product like this.
  • Weed and mulch garden beds. Do any weeding that’s necessary to make the yard look tidy. Add mulch like bark chips for a finished look.
  • Trim branches. Trim any branches that give the yard an overgrown, dark, or unruly look. Trim branches away from windows to let more light into the home and look more inviting overall.
  • Add color. Depending on the season, you can add some colorful bedding flowers or flowers in large pots near the entryway. This will help make the home look bright and cheerful, adding visual interest and some pop to the front.
  • Get a new door mat. If the door mat looks worn at all, get a new one. If you get one that’s a little on the larger side, it can make the entryway feel more grand. Find one that looks classic, avoid the ones that are too cutesy.
  • Give surfaces a good wash. Exteriors get dusty. Crevices can collect small bits of leaf debris, spiderwebs, and pollen. Give everything a good wash with your hose. If needed, concrete areas like driveways, walkways, and retaining walls can be freshened up with a good power wash.
  • Upgrade the mailbox. We get used to everyday things as simple as a mailbox. But if you really look at it, is it attractive? Is it a wasted opportunity to improve the overall look of the home? Little things add up. A new mailbox with a brass finish can give the home a classic look, and our eyes do like shiny surfaces. If it’s a street mailbox, does it give a good impression? Is it a wacky “art project” style mailbox that may put off buyers? Has it been hit by a car? These may be slightly extreme examples, but don’t overlook the mailbox.
  • Make the most of the porch. If your home has a porch, even a small one, make the most of it. Buyers love porches. Put a swing, some furniture, or at least a nice outdoor chair out there and make it look enticing. Make sure the buyer’s eyes are drawn to the lovely porch area, which will get them thinking about how nice it would be to pass the afternoon there, reading a book or chatting with a neighbor.
  • Spruce up the front door. If you have an HOA, the rules may have some bearing on what you can do with your front door. Front doors need to look nice. If they need fresh paint, make it happen. Red front doors are popular and they tend to stick in buyers’ minds. Make sure it’s super sparkly clean (glass panes, doorknob, etc) and finish it off with a lush, abundant-looking wreath.
  • Pick up clutter and toys. Sometimes items like leashes, toys, and garden tools tend to accumulate around porches or sometimes front yard spaces. Pick up any extraneous items and keep things put away and tidy.
  • Take down political signs or flags. Nothing more needs to be said about this one. It’s important to your home sale. A home with political signage can turn into a drive-by for a significant percentage of people, and that’s not what you want.
  • Paint. If the home really needs paint and you have the budget, get a few bids from painting companies in your area. Talk to your Realtor about whether the improvement to your curb appeal/listing price makes painting a good investment or not.

These are some of the best curb appeal ideas that will make the most impact. The more you can do to boost curb appeal, the more likely you are to get a quick sale. For more ideas, here’s a classic book on curb appeal ideas. For interior home staging tips, check out how to stage a home.


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