Home Staging Vignettes

Vignettes for home staging

Vignettes are fun little arrangements you can use for home staging to help activate the buyer’s imagination.

Here are a few examples:

A teapot and tea cup arranged on a tray on the bed with a newspaper or a novel. Add a bud vase with a pretty bloom.

Here’s an outdoor vignette idea to draw attention to a large deck with a lovely view. Set up a patio dining set under a pretty umbrella. Put together a festive-looking setting for the table, with colorful dishes and napkins. Add an arrangement of flowers from the garden.

A pitcher and a bowl of lemons set up on the kitchen counter as if you’re getting ready to make lemonade. I love this idea especially when there’s a lemon tree in the yard.

A dining room set up with a centerpiece and pretty place settings as if a fun dinner party is about to happen. I always like to add flowers and/or greenery from the property in a centerpiece arrangement. It just helps fill the buyer’s mind with the nice little details of living in the home.

The key to using vignettes is not to go overboard. It’s nice to have a scene like this to help get buyers to think about day to day enjoyment of the home. It’s just a way to get buyers to take that extra step from “Oh nice deck” to “Wouldn’t it be a great place to entertain! Look at the view, what a great place to spend an evening with friends and family.”

Make sure you use color to draw the eye to your vignette.


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