Home Staging FAQs: What is a Home Staging Business?

Home staging has been a popular business on lists of “best home businesses to start” for more than a decade. If you’ve heard of it but are still wondering, “what is a home staging business,” read on…

Home staging is great for creative people, artistic types, at-home parents who want flexible hours, retirees, and anyone interested in real estate or decorating (or both).

What is a Home Staging Business?

Home stagers help homeowners who are preparing to put their homes on the market. Houses sell faster and for higher prices with home staging, in most case, and a home stager’s job is to help get the house into its best possible shape. Home stagers know how to make strategic changes and improvements to a house that will help it attract more buyers.

By now, most of us have seen a house flipping show on TV where they do expensive remodeling and then bring in new furnishings etc. when they list the home. Home staging is not the remodeling, knocking down walls and putting in granite. Home staging could be painting walls and changing light fixtures, rearranging or bringing in furniture, editing what buyers see in the home, removing clutter, making spaces light and bright, adding curb appeal, and helping buyers form an emotional bond with the home.

As a home stager, you actually have a couple of ways you can offer your services.

You can choose to do paid consultations for homeowners where you tour the home and give them an extensive list of changes and improvements to make. They can then decide whether to DIY the projects, hire pros, or a mix of both. Consultations are great because you don’t need to worry about having furniture and accessories brought into the home.

If you’re starting out, offering consultations rather than full service staging is a great way to start generating some cash flow that you can put into purchasing inventory, if you desire.

Full service home staging involves getting into the hands-on staging process. You don’t have to paint walls or remove yard debris, but you may have to coordinate this work and do other hands-on work like arranging furniture and accessories. The furniture and accessories you use can either be the homeowner’s existing possessions, your business inventory, rented items, or a mix of sources.

Vacant homes can be easier projects to work on because you won’t have to be concerned about editing the homeowner’s existing furniture, decor, and in many cases clutter. You’ll have a blank slate to work with.

With a vacant home, you will just bring in the items you want to use and set them up to make the home look more appealing. The items you use would usually be furniture, bedding, accessories, throw pillows, rugs, and artwork.

Home staging is an excellent business if you want to earn a good income with “work” that utilizes your passion — whether your passion is making things look good, decorating, working with color, being creative, helping people, real estate… Imagine how much fun that would be. It is also hard work, but the rewards are great. Home stagers can earn $50, $75, or $100+ per hour while working flexible full-time or part-time hours.


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